ARCSI was first create in 2013 through a project funded by the Norwegian Space Agency to support the generation of analysis ready data (ARD) in support of UN REDD+ activities. Initially, ARCSI supported all the Landsat sensors and Rapideye, that was expanded in to many sensors in v3.X. In version 4.X the number of sensors was reduced to Landsat and Sentinel-2 to improve the maintainability going forward.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does ARCSI do?

The aim of ARCSI is to provide as automatic as possible method of generating atmospherically correct optical satellite imagery.

Is this free software?

Yes, this software is provided freely under a GPL3 license. The software is free to use and the source code is available to view and modify.

Where can I get help with ARCSI?

The ARCSI tutorials sections provides tutorial style guides to using the software. Currently, we don’t have formal documentation of adding new sensors but get in touch as we’re happy to help people with this process.

Help is available for ARCSI through our RSGISLib emailing our mailing list: rsgislib-support@googlegroups.com

The archive is available to view at groups.google.com

Do you offer training on ARCSI?

ARCSI is taught as part of the Masters course in Remote Sensing and GIS at Aberystwyth University (https://courses.aber.ac.uk/postgraduate/gis-remote-sensing-masters/).

We also write a blog (spectraldifferences) which contains some tutorials on using ARCSI as well as other open source software we’re involved with.

We can also provide other custom training cources as and when there is need and we are available. If you are interested in training sessions, please contact us.

How do I go about getting functionality added to ARCSI?

For general suggestions submit a ticket on our issues page on GitHub or post a suggestion to the Google groups mailing list.

If you are preparing a research proposal or have a commercial project where you are likely use ARCSI please contact us for collaborative opportunities or consultancy work to add new functions to ARCSI, improve existing features.

Who funds ARCSI?

As stated above ARCSI was first created through a grant from the Norwegian Space Agency. However, there is no on-going funding behind ARCSI other than our grant income but the Welsh Government and UK DEFRA having provided grants through which the functionality of ARCSI have been further developed. Therefore, the rate of development for ARCSI is variable and driven by our project needs and funding availability.